Fuji patents discovered for XF30mm f/1.0, XF33mm f/1.0 and XF35mm f/1.0 lenses

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Those fast f/1.0 Fuji lenses have been rumoured for a long time. Fuji Rumors posted about an XF 33mm f/1.0 lens that would offer a similar field of view on Fuji X cameras to a 50mm lens on full-frame way back in 2015. Then it was added to the Fuji roadmap in 2018, with price leaks last year before the lens was cancelled completely.

Fuji might have given up on the XF33mm f/1.0, but it hasn’t given up on f/1.0 lenses entirely. The XF50mm f/1.0 was announced just a couple of months ago and is expected to come in at a relatively inexpensive $1,500. But those weren’t the only f/1.0 lenses Fuji’s been working on. Hi Lows Note has just uncovered a new patent describing 30mm, 33mm and 35mm f/1.0 lenses.

XF35mm f/1.0

  • Focal length: 34.686 mm
  • F number: 1.03
  • Angle of view: 45.4°

XF30mm f/1.0

  • Focal length: 30.369 mm
  • F number: 1.03
  • Angle of view: 51.0°

XF33mm f/1.0

  • Focal length: 33.489 mm
  • F number: 1.03
  • Angle of view: 46.8°

You can check out the complete patent over on the Japanese Patent Office website.

[Hi Lows Note via Fuji Rumors]

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