DJI teases a Ronin S2 coming in September 9

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Here is an address you would probably never visit unless you saw it in a DJI official tweet: Aside from a small play of light and a black and red handle we don’t get so see much of the Gimbal.

September 9 is the date for the announcements (it may be the 10th if you live in Australia though). This date falls inside IBC’s original date, or the new online IBC showcase, so I hope its something big.

The obvious candidate is a new Ronin S2, especially if you look at some rumor sites.

The last Ronin S was announced in early 2018. This gives the mode about to and half year and DJI can use a kicker to combat the new gimbals coming from Moza, Feiyutech, Manfrotto and Zhiyun. There is no official spec yet, and we will probably not have one until the 9th, but I do wonder if the arms are carbon-fiber as the image may suggest, and if so what does this mean about its capacity.

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