This photographer took on a CoD-inspired miniatures scene and absolutely nailed it

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Anybody who’s followed the work of Felix Hernandez at Dreamphography knows that he loves photographing miniatures. In fact, it’s the vast majority of what he shoots and we’ve covered a whole bunch of it in the past. This time, he’s tackled a subject that’s near and dear to many a gamer’s hearts. Call of Duty.

As usual, he’s taken it to the absolute extreme in each aspect of model making, photography and his special kind of post-work magic. The images were shot using a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and a Canon EOS 1DX Mark III. although he hasn’t said much else about this project’s creation. The behind the scenes photos, though, show the pretty insane attention to detail Felix has for his work.

I wish I had even a fraction of the ability to work with and photograph miniatures that Felix in the way that Felix does. It always makes me smile (and go “Wow!”) whenever I see one of his new projects.

If you want to check out more of Felix’s work, head on over to his website, and be sure to follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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