5 Basic Photography Techniques Every Beginner Should Know


If you’re just getting started in photography and want to build upon a solid foundation, here’s a helpful 9-minute video by the popular YouTube channel Mango Street that covers 5 basic photography techniques for beginners.

Here are the 5 techniques covered in the video along with longer Mango Street video tutorials on each of them:

#1. Subframing

Subframing is the technique of creating “a frame within the frame.”

#2. Color Theory

A look into color psychology and how colors can affect our perception of photos.

#3. Color Blocking

Color blocking involves taking opposing colors on a color wheel and using them together. The goal is to create a striking image that stops viewers in their tracks.

#4. Negative Space

Negative space can give your photos a more minimalist look, give viewers a relaxed mood, and make your subject pop.

#5. Composition

Use composition to guide your viewers’ eyes and tell stories through your photos.

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