Datacolor ColorReader EZ: A Tiny Tool for Color Matching and Coordination

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Datacolor has announced the ColorReader EZ, a new portable tool that’s designed to simplify matching, selecting, and coordinating colors.

The ColorReader EZ joins a family that includes the $99 ColorReader and $249 ColorReader Pro, and it becomes the most portable and affordable device of the trio.

“ColorReader EZ takes the guesswork out of selecting and coordinating colors,” says Datacolor sales and marketing director Susan Bunting. “It lets you capture color inspiration where you find it, with an accuracy you can’t get from a smartphone image.”

After connecting the ColorReader EZ to an iOS or Android smartphone via Bluetooth, it can quickly and accurately identify the closest color match to any hue it measures on a flat smooth surface. You can obtain the result as a precise CIELAB, Hex, and RGB color value.

Users can build and organize color palettes grouped by project, and the app can even suggest coordinating colors and color schemes for matched colors as well.

“The affordable new device incorporates the company’s advanced color technology in an easy-to-use tool that simplifies the often challenging and time-consuming process of color matching and color coordination both in the paint color selection and digital workflow processes used by photographers and digital designers,” Datacolor says. “ColorReader EZ is a must-have tool for anyone whose work or lifestyle includes color decisions.”

The ColorReader EZ is available now from Datacolor’s website with a price tag of $59.

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