GoPro Hero 9 officially announced: Yes, it has color vlogging screen and 5K30p video

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GoPro Hero 9 has been officially announced. Now we can finally confirm what we saw in leaked photos and unboxing video: yes, it does have a color selfie screen and it’s capable of shooting 5K video at 30 fps. But there are some other improvements over its predecessor, such as a 23.6 MP sensor. So, let’s check out what the new and improved Hero 9 brings to the table.

One of the most notable differences between the GoPro Hero 9 and Hero 8 is the front display. It looks like GoPro has decided to include vloggers into its target audience, so the front display is now larger (1.4″), in color, and it gives you more than just settings info. It offers a live view, so you can use it for vlogging and selfies, of course.

Another significant difference between the two cameras is in sensor size. The Hero 8 features a 12MP sensor, whereas the Hero 9 almost doubles it with 23.6 MP. It’s also able to shoot 5K video at 30 fps and lets you take 20MP photos with the SuperPhoto feature.

Stabilization has also been improved in the GoPro Hero 9 compared to its predecessor. The latest action cam features HyperSmooth 3.0 digital image stabilization with in-camera horizon leveling.

Some things have, of course, remained the same. The Hero 9 is waterproof down to 33′ (10m) without an external housing, but you can add the housing and dive down to 196′ (60m) with your camera. Just like the Hero 8, you’ll also be able to use the Hero 9 as a webcam and for 1080p Full HD live streaming, both for Windows and iOS.

You can view very detailed specs on GoPro’s website, and if you’d like to get your hands onto the Hero 9, it’s now available for preorders at the price of $449.99.

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