Sony Releases a Free HEIF to JPEG/TIFF File Converter

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Sony has released its new HEIF Converter, a free app that takes HEIF photo files and converts them to JPEG or TIFF files.

You can download the software from this page on the Sony website.

The site will ask you to input your camera’s model name and serial number, but it seems any 7-digit number will work as the serial (we used 1234567).

The interface of the app is extremely simple. All you need to do is drag HEIF files from your computer into the app.

But here’s the rub: the app only works with HEIF files captured by supported Sony cameras (currently only the a7S III). Sony says that all other HEIF files (i.e. those captured by an iPhone or Android phone can’t be converted.

If you’re a Sony shooter who needs a quick and lightweight to convert .HIF files, though, you can head on over to the new app page to download it now.

Thanks to David Schloss for sending in this tip.

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