Breakthrough Photography’s new EF to RF drop-in filter adapter is $100 cheaper than Canon’s

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Although Breakthrough Photography announced their filters for the Canon EF to RF drop-in filter adapter first, they weren’t the first to bring them to market. The filters themselves should start shipping this month if they haven’t already, but they’ve also expanded their offering with an EF to RF drop-in filter adapter of their own.

They claim it’s just as capable as the Canon original, with full electronic contacts for autofocus and image stabilisation, as well as transferring the EXIF data. It’s compatible with both the original Canon drop-in filters as well as Breakthrough’s own (and presumably Kolari’s). Except, it’s $100 cheaper than the Canon one.

Ok, technically, Breakthrough offers an option that’s $100 cheaper than Canon, because the Canon one comes with a circular polarizer. It’s not optional and it’s non-negotiable. So, if you don’t need a circular polarizer, the Breakthrough is definitely cheaper at $199 vs Canon’s $299. However, Breakthrough also offers their adapter with either the x2 or higher quality x4 circular polarizer for $249 and $299 respectively. The latter option equating to the same price as Canon.

Breakthrough is offering a buyback option for owners of existing Canon adapters, though. The standard EF to RF adapter will get you a $69 discount off that $199, bringing your total cost down to $130. Very handy for RED Komodo owners, as each one comes with the standard EF to RF adapter (which is normally a $99 purchase).

Interestingly, they’re also offering $149 discount to trade in the Canon EF to RF drop-in filter adapter against their own version. I’m not entirely sure why anybody would want to do this, given they both seemingly offer identical features and both accept the exact same Canon, Breakthrough and Kolari drop-in filters.

I mean, if you’ve already got the Canon one, that you’ve spent $299 on… Well, insert Ryan Reynolds “But why?” gif here.

Anyway, if you won’t ever need a drop-in circular polarizer then Breakthrough’s option could save you $100. And if you will use a polarizer, well, now you’ve got another option for the same (or a little less if you go for the X2 version) money.

The Breakthrough EF to RF drop-in filter adapters is available to pre-order now for $199 for the adapter alone, $249 with the X2 polarizer or $299 with the X4 polarizer. Breakthrough says that the first 500 adapters shipped will come with an X4 Clear filter absolutely free (normally a separate $79 purchase). They’re expected to start shipping in November.

[via Newsshooter]

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