These “Indoor Adventures” take you on a miniature motorcycle ride

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Indoor Adventure is a series of images created by Felix Hernandez for BMW Motorrad in Mexico. Shot in miniature (It’s Felix, what else would they be?), the scenes recreate outdoor scenes to show off the motorcycles in a number of environments that many of us aren’t getting to experience right now.

It’s a three-part series, and as always, each comes with some behind the scenes photos and a video to document its creation. And as is usually the case with Felix’s work, all three are both inspired and inspiring.

Indoor Adventures I

Indoor Adventure II

Indoor Adventure III

It’s always fascinating to see Felix’s work and although he rarely offers a spoken commentary in his behind the scenes videos that accompany each of his creations, there are so many different tips and ideas that can be gained from each that we may be able to one day apply to our own work.

You can check out more of Felix’s work on the Dreamphography website.

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