New Lightroom Plug-In Allows for Tethered Capture with Sony Cameras

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Tether Tools has announced the new Smart Shooter 4 plug-in (SS4) that enables full Sony camera tethering support for Adobe Lightroom Classic. Additionally, Tether Tools says SS4 will make for a faster and more stable connection with Nikon cameras.

The SS4 plugin supports tethered shooting and camera control inside of Lightroom Classic for Canon, Sony, and Nikon cameras. In addition to full camerea control via a computer, the plug-in will allow you to automatically apply Lightroom presets to images as they are imported into catalogs in real-time. You can also save the captured images to both your computer and the memory card simultaneously.

The software also allows for multi-camera connectivity, giving you the option to toggle up to 8 cameras in Lightroom or control and trigger those cameras from the Smart Shooter interface.

Smart Shooter comes in two versions, both for a single user, and can be purchased from Tether Tools’ website. Smart Shooter 4, which costs $69.95, can be used with one camera and offers tethered shooting, remote control, live view, and prepackaged scripts. Smart Shooter 4 PRO costs $195.95 and has the functions from the base version but offers the multi-camera control functionality, barcode and QR code scanning, external API integration, and custom scripting.

The biggest takeaway here is the ability to properly tether Sony cameras inside of Lightroom. To this point, the process has been protracted and uses two applications: a combination of the Sony Imaging Edge application and Adobe Lightroom. Lightroom would only be able to work as the viewer and editor for the photos, while the Sony app would act as the controller and send those files to a predetermined folder on your computer. So while remote camera control with Sony wasn’t impossible before, it wasn’t particularly straightforward either. Tether Tools’ value proposition here is the combination of these tasks into one system inside of Lightroom.

For more information on the Smart Shooter 4 application, visit Tether Tools’ website.

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