New File Recovery Software Can Restore Deleted RAWs and Videos

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If you’ve ever accidentally erased a card before backing it up, you know the pain of losing images. But CleverFiles has developed a new version of its $89 recovery software called Disk Drill 4 that the company claims has a 99% recovery rate of RAW files, which offers a saving grace for those who hastily hit the “Format Card” option in their camera.

Disk Drill 4 can purportedly recover over 400 file types easily, be that on your computer’s local drive, an external drive, or any supported storage device. CleverFiles says that those files can be recovered whole and even reconstructed in the event of a damaged drive.

The company says the software works by using advanced scanning algorithms that identify and reconstruct deleted files, including RAW photos, video files, and audio clips. Disk Drill 4 has two options for file recovery: Quick Scan and Deep Scan.

Quick Scan easily retrieves recently deleted files with the click of a button, while Deep Scan is designed to work on less recently deleted files and can do a thorough search of an entire drive to reconstruct lost files. CleverFiles claims that “the sequence of algorithms Disk Drill runs in the background is much more complicated than that, and is always adapted to a specific use case and ensures the best recovery results for one’s file system, storage device condition, etc.”

The Deep Scan feature in Disk Drill 4 was developed specifically with RAW photos and video files in mind and works with the following formats with 99% confidence: GoPro GPR, JP2, HEIC, WMF, Panasonic/Leica RAW, Panasonic RWL, Sony SR2 and SRF, Leaf MOS, Mamiya MEF, Epson ERF, Minolta MRW, Olympus ORF, Canon CR3, and APM.

Disk Drill 4 can also work on video formats with a slightly reduced 96% confidence and is compatible with many video and audio formats including BRAW, CinemaDNG, Canon CRM, MOV, and MPC.

The software allows you to view recovered files in real-time as they are reconstructed, and can also act as a digital shredder for files you want to make sure are gone for good, which destroys them in a way that not even it can recover.

Disk Drill 4 is available for Mac and PC computers for $89. For more information, visit

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