Google is killing unlimited storage for non enterprise users – don’t move away from G Suite

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If you have been using the unlimited storage feature of G-Suite to back up your photos and videos, wait before moving into Google Workplace. Google Workspace only has unlimited storage on enterprise plans.

Google made some big noise about replacing the G suite with an even better Google Workspace. Among the many changes that may or may not be incredible for you, one change is clearly not in favor of high storage users.

If you or your team were using G-Suite Business, you would get unlimited storage for $12/user. If I recall correctly, you needed at least four users to enroll in that level of service.  Now Google Workspace will only give you 2 TB of storage for your $12, 5TB for $18, and according to Android Police, you can move to an Enterprise account for $20 ($30 for enterprise+) and get the same unlimited storage. However, it will be at least 50% significantly more expensive.

Google confirmed to AP that they would offer as much storage as customers need “without additional costs” on the enterprise plans.

Sadly, Google is also confined to AP that, in the end, the entire userbase from G Suit will have to migrate to the pricer Workspace: “Each customer will have their own path to the subscription that best supports the ways they need to work. If a customer is not ready to transition now, our team will be sharing additional information over the coming months to identify a transition path that best suits their needs“. But if you need storage and are on the G suit plan, hold on to it and don’t let go unless you must.

(that said, even at $18/motnh, Google’s storage offering is quite competitive for a small team or company. Storing 5TB on Amazon AWS would cost you around $100; Using Backblaze B2 will set you back $25 for the same 5/TB a month. Sadly for image or video-heavy users, both those programs will get costly very fast.

[via androidpolice]

p.s. Some have been storing over a Petabyte on that G-Suite plan.

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