Sony shooters rejoice, you can now tether directly into Lightroom

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Here is a screenshot I did not think I’ll see. Lightroom connected and tethered with a Sony A7III. I mean, Sony has been tethering with Capture One for ages, but Lightroom Classic? Uh uh! Mostly because Sony and Adobe never found a way to share the needed codebase.

But now comes Tether Tools, and fr a mere $69.95, give all Sony shooters the capability they always longed for.

A video tells us that Smart Shooter 4 works with Canon and Nikon (ok), and Sony (YAY!).

Along with transferring the photos, the video shows that you can control the camera from Lightroom. Although Smart Shooter 4 will set you back $70, it is currently the only sane option for shooting with a Sony tethered to Lightroom.

So, anyone tested and want to share?

[Smart Shooter 4 via Lightroom Killer Tips]

P.S. On the other hand, if you are shooting Sony, you get Capture One for free.

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