The digitalfoto Thanos Pro II is a low budget almost-all-in-one alternative to the Arri Trinity

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The Arri Trinity made a big impression a few months ago when Potato Jet got to go try one out in person. But it’s a $50,000 stabilisation system. It’s a bit out of the budget of most people. A lot of people have mashed a bunch of random gear together to try to make their own – to varying degrees of success.

But now, digitalfoto has announced its (almost) all-in-one low-budget Arri Trinity alternative, the Thanos Pro II – which includes the support vest, arm and carbon fibre monopod sled. I say almost all-in-one because you’ll still need to add your motorised gimbal. Fortunately, it supports plenty.

You might remember the original Thanos Pro kit from last year when we went to check it out in person at IBC. The new update refines the design, adding more length below the mount to make it easier to balance and more suitable for Arri Trinity style shooting and camera moves where you get a lot of freedom of movement over your camera.

It’s also a response to the increased weight of more recent gimbals that have been released over the last year or two. From Zhiyun, we’ve had the Crane 3S and Crane 2S, which are two of the heaviest gimbals they’ve ever produced. DJI has also released new gimbals (the RS 2 and RSC 2) which, while lighter than their predecessors, are still also fairly heavy.

Counterweight 2x 0.95kg, 2x 0.5kg
Monopod material Carbon fibre
Monopod length 45.8-81cm
Sled rod material Carbon fibre
Sled rod diameter 15mm
Sled rod centre distance 60mm
Thanos Pro II load capacity 5-7.5kg
Arm load capacity 2.5-9kg
Max total weight 10.3kg
Gimbal compatibility All single handle gimbals (Zhiyun Crane 3S, Crane 2S, Ronin S, Ronin SC, RS2, RSC2, Moza Air 2, etc)
V-Mount power system with LWS bracket D-Tap to BMPCC cable, DC cable for monitor, NP-FW50 dummy battery to DC power cable, LP-E6 dummy battery to DC power cable, USB to DC cable

The Thanos Pro II comes with a V-Mount battery plate slides onto the sled, acting as both a counterweight and a way to power all of your kit. It also comes with numerous cables to power the Blackmagic Pocket 4K and Pocket 6K, as well as cameras that utilise Sony NP-FW50 or Canon LP-E6 batteries. There’s also a DC adapter cable for powering a field monitor – which you can also easily attach to the sled.

As well as the new Thanos Pro II kit, there’s also an upgrade option for owners of the original Thanos Pro to essentially give you the same functionality, which they’ve called the Trinipod. It essentially includes the same items as the Thanos Pro II kit, but without the vest and arm (as original Thanos Pro owners will already have those).

There’s no word on an exact price yet for the Thanos Pro II or the Trinipod upgrade for the Thanos Pro, but they are expected to become available within the next few weeks. We’ll update this post once we know a price. For now, if you want to find out more, head on over to the digitalfoto website.

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