Rumoured Canon EOS R roadmap suggests at least seven new cameras on the way

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It sounds like Canon is getting a lot more serious about the RF mount now. With recently announcing an RF mount cinema camera, and the mostly positive response the EOS R5 and EOS R6 have received (from people who’ve actually bought them), it’s not surprising. But a post from Canon Rumors suggests that there are at least seven more bodies on the roadmap.

CR does say that these rumours come from multiple known and anonymous sources, and they’ve collated this all together into a single list. If true, or even if most of it is true, then it looks like Canon may be about to ditch both EF and EOS M mount systems.

First up, we all knew it was coming… An EOS RP replacement. Exactly what the specs will be are unknown. Hopefully, they’ll get rid of that ridiculous crop when shooting 4K video. They do say that it will actually be cheaper than the current EOS RP – which will be a neat trick because right now it’s already the only current model full-frame mirrorless camera available from any brand for under $1K.

They say that a second body will come in between the EOS RP replacement and the EOS R6. After all, that’s a pretty sizeable price jump from sub-$1,000 to $2,500. It’s believed that it won’t be an “EOS R Mark II”, but a new line entirely.

The first big nail in the coffin of the EOS M system is expected to come with Canon announcing an APS-C RF mount body sometime in 2021 (something Canon initially said they wouldn’t do, but didn’t rule out completely). It’s also expected to come with some smaller APS-C lenses for a much more compact overall system.

Then there’s that high-resolution camera. An EOS R5 type body, but with way higher resolution to replace the defunct EOS 5DS & 5DSR. This one’s been rumoured for very long time, and there is now a high-res hole in Canon’s lineup. So, maybe we’ll see this come next year.

And then there’s the 1DX III mirrorless replacement. An EOS 1RX? Next year’s Tokyo Olympics are currently looking like they’ll go ahead, and it would be a good time to launch a camera that’s already been rumoured for a while now.

Finally, naturally, we will see at least one, possibly two new RF mount Canon Cinema EOS cameras coming in 2021. CR believes they’ll be the C50 and C90. Two bodies, one at a lower level than the recently released C70 and one more advanced and capable. Both of those may come in the first half of 2021.

Exactly what will come obviously still remains to be seen, but if any of these actually pan out – even a lower cost EOS RP replacement (assuming they ditch that stupid 4K crop) looks quite attractive.

[via Canon Rumors]

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