Kodak is releasing a ’70s-inspired metal film case in six colours

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Well, if you’re gonna go retro with some old film cameras, might as well have matching cases for your rolls of film, too, right? That’s what the folks at RETO Production Ltd (RetoPro) thought. RetoPro is also the company that brought us the RETO3D triple-lens point & shoot film camera last year.

Now they’ve reinvented an old classic, the Kodak metal film canisters. And they’ve managed to license it under the Kodak brand, too. There’s not much to them – just a metal tin with a plastic insert to keep your rolls from falling over – and they’re more of a fashion statement than anything else, but they’re one that’s quite useful if you shoot film.

They’re available to pre-order for $25, with shipping expected to begin next month, and they’re available in six colours. Red (and yellow), Blue (and yellow), Yellow (and silver), Silver, Black and White. they measure 148 x 56 x 47mm and way 160g. The outer is made of steel while the inner is plastic. Naturally film is not included, but they hold five rolls of 135 (35mm) film.

They look pretty neat if you’re into that kind of retro thing. If I didn’t think it’d get destroyed in my bag, then I’d probably consider picking one or two up to store film in when I head out to shoot. Fortunately, though, I have 3D printers and there are some good tough designs on Thingiverse (if you print them with PETG or ABS), so I’d just make my own.

If you want to pre-order one the metal Kodak ones for yourself, though, head on over to the RetoPro website.

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