Watch: Girls swept away by a huge wave while posing for Instagram

Girls swept away by a huge wave while posing for Instagram
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We know that there are people who would do anything to get likes. Boyfriends of Instagram have already shown us what we can expect from influencers and wannabe influencers on Instagram. But this time, they shared a video that left me unsure whether to laugh or cry.

I shared my impressions about this brilliant page way back in 2017, and I’ve been following Boyfriends on Instagram on Facebook and Instagram ever since. They show us everything that’s going on behind those “perfect” Instagram shots of people’s “perfect” lives, revealing that not everything is as perfect as it seems.

In the latest video I saw on my feed, there are two girls on the rocks by the seaside. One is posing, and the other is taking photos when a huge wave almost swipes them off their feet. But did they give up? No. They just go on shooting and posing, when an even bigger wave throws them off the rocks straight into the water. There were a few more people near the water, and naturally, the massive wave didn’t spare them either.

I wasn’t able to find more information about the incident, but one of the commenters on Instagram notes that this looks like a place on Maui where she’s been. The place “has a memorial plaque that specifically asks people not to do this sh*t,” the woman writes.

What I can assume is that the camera was beyond salvation. And I can only hope that the girls weren’t hurt. As another user commented: NEVER turn your back to the ocean.

[via Boyfriends of Instagram]

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