YouTuber called out Peter McKinnon and grew 25K subscribers in three days

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Filmmaker Sam Newton first caught our attention with his tongue-in-cheek song Camera Man. But when it comes to his funny videos, it gets even better. He recently called out PeterMcKinnon in another hilarious music video. And guess what happened: Peter saw it, loved it, and even made his own video about it, which brought Sam over 25,000 subscribers in three days.

Okay, here’s how it all started. Sam made a rap song about his favorite YouTubers, Peter McKinnon being one of them. He just wanted to attract their attention, and he put quite a lot of effort into the production. I must notice that his rapping skills are also pretty great, and the lyrics are really funny. Of course, it’s all a big joke, and Sam points out that he really respects Peter and his work.

Apparently, Peter’s friends and followers saw the video and started sending him the link. He watched it… and he loved it.

Peter even made a video reacting to it and shared it with his 5.2 million followers, telling them to go and follow Sam. Peter points out that Sam could have just sent an email or tag him in a Tweet or an Instagram post. However, he took it on a much higher level and made something to get his attention. And he made something pretty high-quality, too.

But it doesn’t end there. Sam was thrilled to discover that Peter shared his video. So he made another one where he shared a bit of a backstory. He pointed out again that he admires Peter and his work. He speaks about how he made the beat along with Marco Leclerc and how the video was made. With the help of his team, Sam made this video to get Peter’s attention – and he really got it. What’s more, many other YouTubers that he admires also saw his video and left comments, so he apparently managed to get the attention of all of them.

I find this whole story quite amusing, even heartwarming. I feel like I saw a new friendship as it’s being born, and it feels good. Of course, I’m not saying you should call other people out. If you do it, let it always be in good faith and with good taste.

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