How To Make Your Own Pinhole Camera With a Matchbox or ILC

How To Make Your Own Pinhole Camera With a Matchbox or ILC

A pinhole camera is a simple image capture device that doesn’t use a lens but instead makes images through a tiny aperture. The simplest ones are just a light-proof box with a hole in it, and in this 7-minute video, you’ll learn how to make one as well as how to make your digital camera into one.

COOPH regularly uploads fun and easy photography projects that either involves simple tools or easy techniques that get the creative juices flowing. They recently uploaded a short tutorial on how to make a pinhole camera using 35mm film, a matchbox, a piece of aluminum scrap, and tape.

Pinhole cameras don’t have the ability to shoot the tack-sharp images that most photographers have become spoiled with thanks to how easy it is to get relatively inexpensive yet still high-performing lenses. But the point of making a pinhole camera isn’t to compete with what you could do with modern equipment, it’s instead designed to teach basic camera technology that paved the way to where digital photography is today.



If making a matchbox pinhole camera isn’t your style, COOPH also explains how to turn a lenscap into a pinhole camera that works with your digital camera. This particular method is a lot easier to just get up and start working with and requires a lot less setup time as well.

If you are looking for a fun project to try and home, it’s hard to beat the simplicity of the pinhole camera. Give it a shot!

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