Japan’s top-selling DSLR in 2020 was the Nikon D5600 – Wait, what?

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The rankings for 2020 are in from BCN, which collects sales data from across its platforms, and it looks like the most popular DSLR sold in Japan throughout the course of 2020 is the Nikon D5600. Don’t get too happy just yet, though, Nikon fanboys and girls. Canon still managed to grab 7 of the remaining 9 spots in the top 10.

The complete top 10 list looks a little something like this…

  1. D5600 Double Zoom Kit
  2. EOS Kiss X9i Double Zoom Kit
  3. EOS Kiss X10 Double Zoom Kit Black
  4. D3500 Double Zoom Kit
  5. EOS Kiss X9 Double Zoom Kit Black
  6. D3500 18-55 VR Lens Kit
  7. EOS Kiss X10 EF-S18-55 IS STM Lens Kit Black
  8. D7500 18-140 VR Lens Kit
  9. EOS Kiss X10i Double Zoom Kit
  10. EOS 80D EF-S18-135 IS USM Lens Kit

For reference:

  • Kiss X9 = EOS Rebel SL2/EOS 200D
  • Kiss x9i = EOS Rebel T7i/EOS 800D
  • Kiss X10 = EOS Rebel SL3/EOS 250D
  • Kiss X10i = EOS Rebel T8i/EOS 850D

It’s probably not so surprising that Canon has six DSLRs in the Top 10 compared to Nikon’s four. Canon more different models to choose from with a typically faster release schedule (so old stock gets sold off at a discount and becomes more popular), while Nikon’s range is somewhat limited – especially now they’re killing off DSLRs in favour of mirrorless.

Nikon’s D5600 is also largely unchanged (aside from the removal of GPS and addition of a touchscreen) from the two-generation-old Nikon D5300, which (along with the D5500) has proven itself to be a fantastic entry-level model for a while now. And although the reasons for the lack of 7D on the list are quite obvious, I do find it a little bit surprising that the Nikon D500 isn’t there.

That being said, you’ll notice that all of the items on the list are bundles. There’s not a single body-only option to be found anywhere in the top 10. This suggests that it’s likely all newer photographers buying the most cameras. People who don’t yet have an existing stock of lenses to attach to a new body. So, perhaps not going for something a little higher end isn’t all that surprising after all.

It will be interesting to see how this looks this time next year, with many lines seemingly being killed off to make way for mirrorless.

[via Digicame Info]

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