Canon lets you shoot photos from space with its new CE-SAT-1 microsatellite emulator

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While Canon might’ve suffered something of a setback with the destruction of its CE-SAT-1B satellite last year, it does still have the original CE-SAT-1 flying over the planet, with plans to launch more. In the meantime, though, they’ve launched a new website that allows you to shoot photos with the $9 million satellite, launched in 2017.

You don’t get free run of the planet, of course, but Canon’s new Redefine the Limits website allows you to look through a select number of views on different parts of the Earth to pan and zoom and shoot a photo – along with latitude, longitude and altitude data, with the Canon EOS 5D Mark III flying 500 kilometres above the surface.

Yes, the Canon CE-SAT-1 is equipped with a Canon 5D Mark III, which is capable of imaging a ground area of 6×4 kilometres with a resolution of around 1 metre (1 pixel = 1 square metre). And ok, sure, it’s not quite Google Maps, but it’ll be interesting to see what services Canon may open up in the future with its satellite imagery.

The Redefine the Limits website offers a lot more information than just being able to view scenes from the satellite, too. The site covers many of the different genres captured with Canon camera equipment as well as highlighting a number of Canon’s other technologies.

[via CanonRumors]

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