This weird drawing compass was inspired by lens aperture

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We’ve seen plenty of interesting things inspired by cameras and lenses: from gadgets, tools, and glasses to edible stuff like cakes and chocolate. This time, we bring you a very unusual lens compass that looks a lot like a lens aperture.

I saw this unusual product on Facebook, in one of a million irrelevant ads I see daily. And even though it’s not something I’d buy, it caught my attention because it looked like an aperture mechanism. It acts the same way, too: you can turn the ring to make the “aperture” smaller or larger. But instead of producing circular bokeh, this “aperture” is used for drawing actual circles.

The drawing compass has a metric scale to measure a circle’s diameter, going between 2 and 70mm. It was made of solid machined brass and stainless spring steel. If you wonder how on Earth you center a circle with this, the base of the tool doubles as a centering gadget.

To produce a perfect circle, this drawing compass has a bunch of aperture blades. If I counted them well, there are more than in the Biotar 58mm f/2.0 lens. And if this was a part of a real lens, I believe it would produce darn beautiful round bokeh.

This product caught my attention because it looks beautiful and very elegant. Still, I think I would stick with a traditional drawing compass, it seems like less of a fuss. But that’s just me. If you’d like to own this gadget, you can order it here at the price of $30.90. It’s currently on a discount and costs $19.95.

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