Apple is Adding the SD Card Reader Back in Upcoming MacBook Pro: Report

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is a well-respected journalist who has a very strong record when it comes to rumors, and his latest promises the return of a port that photographers have been yearning to see: the SD card slot is coming back to the MacBook Pro.

While Gurman’s latest report focuses on a lighter and thinner design for the MacBook Air (which will also include MagSafe in a total reboot of the line), for photographers he buried the leade: the real news is the return of the SD card port on the upcoming 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

Gurman refers to the upcoming models as the “fix everything” edition, which will see the removal of the maligned TouchBar and the reintroduction of both MagSafe and an SD card port.

As mentioned, the report also notes that the MacBook Air is getting a redesign to get even lighter and thinner, although to what degree is not mentioned. Gurman mentions that these changes will not replace the current MacBook Air that was just announced but exist as a more premium alternative. He also mentions that these new MacBook Airs will likely come after the release of the new MacBook Pros, and could arrive as late as 2022.

In his previous set of rumors, Gurman also reported that Apple would be releasing a more compact version of its Mac Pro as well as a more affordable version of its Pro XDR Display. On top of that, the iMac is finally getting a much-needed redesign.

Photo by Maxim Hopman

It appears that along with moving towards getting its own in-house silicon inside its devices, Apple is using this opportunity to revamp its entire computer lineup. This kind of “fix everything” approach combined with how well the latest devices run thanks to Apple Silicon is likely going to make Apple’s computers all the more desirable. If these rumors come to fruition, not only will Apple have a host of devices that are powerful enough to appease creative professionals, they will also have the kind of hardware features that photographers and videographers demand.

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