Filmulator is an open source raw photo editor based on the film developing process

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If you’re looking for a free raw photo editor, a new option has just appeared online. Filmulator is a simple raw photo editor based on the process of developing film. It’s easy to use, and it’s an open source app, so it’s free for everyone to download it and use it.

Filmulator’s creator says that the app is focused on simplicity rather than flexibility, it’s easy to learn and offers streamlined workflow. It supports raw files from the major brands, and basic converted DNGs. “No weird HDR merge DNG stuff, but Adobe DNG Converter or Iridient X-Transformer is okay,” he writes. My camera shoots NEF files, but I wasn’t able to import them. I asked the app creator if it I was doing something wrong or Filmulator doesn’t support NEF, and I’ll update you once I hear back.

One Reddit user asked if Filmulator offers any cool film effects like distortions, dust and the like. And if you were hoping for the same, I’ll have to disappoint you: Filmulator’s motto is “all the positives of film and none of the negatives.” In other words, it doesn’t replicate any of the technical shortcomings of film.

For now, Filmulator only exists for Windows and Linux, but it’s likely that the Mac version is coming soon as well. You can check out some “before/after” comparisons here and download the software if you’d like to test it out yourself. there’s also a Reddit post where you can ask the maker anything you’d like, and you can also join Filmulator’s forum.

[via Reddit]

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