Apple’s dongle-gate is coming to an end with new MacBook Pro; a report

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If you are one of the many, many creatives who use a MacBook, your biggest problem is probably the dongles. Or rather, your biggest problem is the lack of I/O ports, and your solution is getting a dongle.  With some Macbooks offering only a single USB-C port, It’s not a surprise that the dongle market is exploding. It’s enough to look at Hyper’s $1.8 Million Kickstarter to understand that Macbooks just don’t have enough ports.

But now, Apple’s latest investor note, noted by MacRumors, suggests that the new MacBook Pro “are equipped with more types of I/O, and most users may not need to purchase additional dongles.“.

This is quite a change on Apple’s design philosophy of ports make our laptops ugly. Let’s make them our user’s problem. I think that losing ports was a big oversight on Apple’s side, showing more care for their designers than for their customers. This oversight led to a huge apple dongle industry, from HyperDrive’s “premium dongles, through many, many, MANY other variants.  If this report signals Apple’s direction with upcoming laptops, that industry will die. Good!

Between the new M1 chip and including more ports on future laptops, it looks like Apple wants to come back as a “for everyone” laptop option.

I got to ask if you own a MacBook, do you also own a dongle?

[via MacRumors ]

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