Can you get the perfect score on this photography quiz?

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Being a photographer packs a whole lot of knowledge. You need to know your gear, composition, lighting, and a bunch of rules that you should follow (and then break). Not to mention photo editing programs, color theory, and some theory and history. But that’s why we love photography, right – there’s always something to learn and explore.

If you want to check your knowledge, we have a quiz for you. It lets you test yourself and see how much you know your theory, your cameras and lenses, your lighting, and even a little bit of history. So, take a look, test your knowledge, and most importantly: have fun!

BTW, the questions change each time you take the quiz, so you can take it multiple times.

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Can you get the perfect score on this photography quiz?
I got %%score%% of %%total%% right

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P.S. we will put this quiz in the sidebar in a few days, so you can always come back and take it again.

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