Software Can Turn Lightroom or Aperture Catalogs into Luminar Catalogs

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Avalanche is a photo migration software by developer Cyme that can be used to convert one photo catalog into another without losing any data. Today it announced compatibility with Skylum Luminar 4 and AI, allowing Lightroom, Aperture, and soon Capture One catalogs to be turned into Luminar catalogs.

Avalanche says that its software will analyze existing catalogs and safely migrate the images, including metadata, annotations, custom organization hierarchies (like albums, stacks, keywords, etc) into a new catalog for supported software.

“Avalanche uses Machine Learning to automatically adjust the edits you made on a photo to ensure that it looks exactly the same after migration,” the company writes. “Not all adjustments made to your photos require AI. Some, like geometrical adjustments (e.g. straighten, crop) are carried across very precisely. Avalanche uses AI for white balance, exposure and light, color and tint, and highlights and shadows.”

Avalance for Luminar, announced today, can transform existing Aperture, Lightroom, and soon CaptureOne photo catalogs into Luminar catalogs which are then ready to be opened and edited. This solution is designed for photographers who have adopted Luminar 4 or Luminar AI as their photo cataloging and editing solution but are struggling with the task of consolidating past work with new work.

If you want to transfer Luminar 4 catalogs into Luminar AI, Avalanche can do that, too. Avalanche claims it will migrate all the complex effects applied in Luminar 4 to reproduce exactly the same results in Luminar AI.

Avalanche is available for Lightroom (to convert any Aperture or Luminar Catalog into Lightroom), Luminar (to convert Aperture, Lightroom, and Luminar 4 catalog to Luminar 4/AI), and as Avalanche Unlimited, which is an all-inclusive edition that transfers catalogs between all formats currently supported. Avalanche for Capture one (which will convert any Aperture, Lightroom, or Luminar Catalog to Capture One) will be coming soon.

Avalanche for Luminar and Avalanche Unlimited require MacOS 10.14 or higher and are fully compatible with MacOS Big Sur and also run natively on the new Mac M1. Avalanche is compatible with Aperture catalogs starting with version 3.6, Lightroom catalogs starting with version 5, and Luminar catalogs starting with version 4.2. Approximately 145 MB of free space is required, 4 GB of memory (8 GB recommended), and enough space to accommodate converted libraries. A working version of Apple Aperture or Lightroom is not required to migrate the libraries, because Avalanche opens these libraries in native mode.

The Luminar upgrade is available for free for existing customers. For everyone else, it can be bought as a standalone for $59 or as part of Unlimited for $119 and can be purchased here.

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