Watch as NatGeo photographer Thomas Peschak keeps shooting while covered in bugs

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I’m not too afraid of bugs, but I know I couldn’t stay calm if they swarmed all over me while I was shooting. Heck, I couldn’t even stay calm while watching Thomas Peschak do it! In this video, the NatGeo photographer is calmly taking photos while huge armored katydids run all over his hand.

Otto Whitehead shot this short video of Peschak in the Kalahari desert. The photographer was there on an assignment for National Geographic when these critters started bugging him (no pun intended).

“After 7 years of drought the 2021 rainy season has been spectacular, with double the annual rainfall occurring in just the last few months,” Peschak writes in the Instagram post. He adds that maybe it’s been “a bit too spectacular” because it caused the populations of armored katydids to explode. “Anything left on the ground from camera bags to hats and sunglasses is quickly overwhelmed by these opportunists,” the photographer writes. But apparently, they even found the photographer’s hand interesting, too. Could you stay this calm if you were in his situation?

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