The moon landing couldn’t have been faked because the required lighting gear simply didn’t exist

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In a world filled with conspiracy theories these days, there’s one old one that still just refuses to die. The number of people who still believe the moon landings didn’t happen is still pretty high – which should come as no surprise given the path the planet’s taken over the last year or six.

But this video from College Humor popped up on their Facebook page yesterday explaining why faking them simply could not have been possible. It was originally posted to their YouTube channel a while ago, and they even got Emmy Award-winning forensic motion picture analyst Mark Shubin to explain why the footage definitely wasn’t shot in a studio using real demonstrable physics of light that you can try yourself if you don’t believe him.

Aside from reinforcing the somewhat obvious implications of how light and physics work – in ways that we can observe in our daily lives – the video shoots down a number of other facile theories that have no bearing on how the real world works either.

That’s the beauty of cameras and light. They have very specific ways of working. And if the technology just doesn’t exist to fake it, then how could it have been faked?

If you still believe they were faked and man never set foot on the moon, feel free to post your “logic” down in the comments.

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