100 camera angles, shots and movements in 10 minutes for filmmakers and photographers

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Camera angles are a funny thing. There are so many different camera angles out there that we see daily in photographs and movies, and they’re not all suitable for every shot we might wish to create. Sometimes only one will work. Scottish comedian Billy Connolly said, “there’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing”, and I think the principle holds true with camera angles. There’s no such thing as a bad camera angle, just the wrong context.

The trick is to understand the purpose and intent of different camera angles and learning how and where they’re appropriate. In this video from Wolfcrow, we take a look at 100 different camera angles, shot types and camera movements in just 10 minutes. And while it is intended more for filmmakers than photographers, many of these can really help you to tell your story in a still, too.

It’s a very interesting list, which goes through a lot of subject matter in a very short space of time. And although he doesn’t go into the specific context of each example (after all, it’s 100 in 10 minutes, that’s 6 seconds per clip) the clips used to illustrate each angle, shot or movement provide a lot of context for each of them and their generally accepted intent or what mood they are able to convey.

It’s well worth a watch if you’re either learning filmmaking or thinking about learning it. Even if you’re a photographer with no intention of shifting to video, it can offer some great insight into how you can tell a story with your work.

Did you know all of these? What did he miss?

[via ISO1200]

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