These photographers use architectural elements to tell creative photo stories

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We’ve shared some of Anna Devís and Daniel Rueda’s work with you before (here too). But their work is too good not to share again! This duo shares a creative vision and turns ordinary things around us into creative photographic stories. They turn even the plainest, dullest façade into fun conceptual photos.

It looks like Anna and Daniel find inspiration everywhere around them. What I find particularly interesting is that they combine their architecture degrees with other art forms like illustration, design, and of course – photography. Anna holds a master’s degree in Design and Illustration, and Daniel works as an architecture photographer.

The duo combines architectural elements with portraits, adding some simple props like umbrellas, hats, or paper cutouts to make a story. Just like in their other work, they don’t add any elements in Photoshop. Everything you see in the photos was there at the time of the shooting, created in-camera. They only use Photoshop for the finishing touch, to give their photos a recognizable, clean style.

Take a look at more photos from Anna and Daniel. You can find more on Instagram (AnnaDaniel), and attend their course Creative Photography for Social Media. It’s in Spanish, but you have subtitles and it’s really fun, just like their images!

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