Sensor Gel Stick Sale – While Supplies Last!

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After many years of selling the Sensor Gel Stick, I decided it is time to move it off Photography Life. With Amazon constantly undercutting our sales (and often selling fake copies), it has been tough to keep the product available, and I just don’t want to deal with the inventory, customer service, and shipping issues that come up from time to time. Plus, we are storing a large database of customer data that constantly needs to be updated and kept safe, something I do not want to deal with in the future. So, we are launching our “mega sale” of the Sensor Gel Stick with a 25% discount, while supplies last. I will support any customer who purchases the Sensor Gel Stick for 30 days after they buy it, after which they are on their own.

So if you have a camera that needs its sensor cleaned, or you have previously purchased this product and need the latest and greatest version, or perhaps you need a fresh supply of Sticky Paper, then check out our sale! And by the way, we do recommend that you replace the Sensor Gel Stick after 3 years of use. With time, the surface of the stick can get hard or ineffective, so it is best that you replace it.

As usual, if you shoot with a Sony, Fuji or Leica camera, we recommend that you buy the Sony version of the Sensor Gel Stick, and if you use a Nikon, Canon or any other brand, then the regular blue version is a little cheaper. The good news is, the latest version of the Sony version is universal, so you can use it on any camera!

Please note that the supply is currently very limited, with less than 150 units total.

We might offer the product in the future using a different platform, but we don’t have an ETA yet. We will let you know via an announcement.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section below!

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