Leaked photo suggests Canon 1DX Mark III replacement is the EOS R3 not the EOS R1

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Well, this is kinda strange. For a long time, there have been rumours and whispers of an impending mirrorless flagship from Canon to replace the EOS 1DX Mark III. Everybody naturally assumed that it would be called the Canon EOS R1. It turns out, though, that it might actually be the strangely named EOS R3 instead.

Nokishita, who is often right about these sorts of things, has posted an image to Twitter of an EOS R3 mirrorless camera that features a built-in vertical grip. Yes, the kind of grip we’d associate with a flagship body like the 1DX Mark III. They also say that it will be announced soon – at least a development announcement, if not a release.

The built-in vertical grip suggests that this is definitely a higher-end camera, geared more towards sports, wildlife and press shooters. But the EOS R3 naming convention is very strange indeed if this is what’s coming.

Whether or not we’ll see an actual release or simply a development announcement is unknown, as is just about everything else for the EOS R3 other than the photo above, but Nokishita believes we’ll hear an announcement about it soon.

[via Nokishita]

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