This incredible 8K timelapse shows off the breathtaking diversity of New Zealand’s landscape

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It took over 50,000 photographs to create the stunning 8K timelapse video above, according to its creator, landscape photographer Michael Shainblum. In it, we see the amazingly diverse and magical landscape that New Zealand has to offer in incredible detail.

Creating timelapse can be difficult enough, especially these days when there are so many out there that you really need to go the extra mile to impress, but Michael’s done exactly that with this one.

This isn’t the first timelapse or the first photographs that Michael has shot of New Zealand. In his own words, it’s been on his “bucket list” of landscape locations for a while, and this new video is part of a project he began in 2019. Michael has published a number of photographs and past timelapses from his time in New Zealand to his website, including a behind-the-scenes video from a previous timelapse he created, but this new 8K video really takes things to the next level.

Michael doesn’t really share much about the gear used to create his latest timelapse, although there are some hints in the previous “making of” video which goes through his process for planning, shooting and editing the sequences.

Be sure to check out Michael’s website for more incredible photos and timelapse from his time in New Zealand.

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