That bowling alley drone guy’s back with an even more epic video flying through Mall of America

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Every now and again, a piece of content comes up, whether it’s a photo project or video or whatever that just makes your jaw hit the floor. And you wonder, after you watch it, just how they could follow up from something so epic and amazing. One such piece of content was the video we saw recently from drone pilot Jay Christensen.

In it, he flew a drone through a bowling alley with such skill and finesse that it even caught the eye of James Gunn (who now wants him to come shoot on Guardians of the Galaxy 3). Well, now, he’s done it again, with an amazingly choreographed flight through the Mall of America. And it’s even more epic than the bowling alley!

The bowling alley video was an incredible feat in itself and the film’s director, Anthony Jaska swears it was 100% shot in a single take with no CGI or transitions. But the new video, shot in collaboration with Mall of America, must have taken some incredible timing and precision to pull off.

This new video shows a drone’s-eye view flying through the mall, following a group of rollerblades as it tours the art installations, theme park and other attractions. Periodically, the rollerbladers disappear from view as the drone switches to look at something else and then they reappear in a different part of the mall.

To get the drone and the rollerbladers all timed up to be in just the right spot for each part of the take must have been a nightmare to tweak. Not to mention all of the rides being in exactly the right part of their run as the drone flew past. I bet it must have taken a few takes to not have the drone fly over an empty track where it was expecting to see a carriage full of people.

Now, I no longer wonder if they’ll be able to top this one. I just wonder when. I can’t wait to see it!

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