Photographer looks at you through animals’ eyes in these creative self-portraits

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If the name Flóra Borsi rings a bell, that’s because chances are slim that you haven’t seen her work. And if you have, you’ve probably wanted to see more of it.

After sharing with you some of Flóra’s amazing self-portraits a few years ago, we bring you more of this talented lady’s work. Her series Animeyed II blurs the line between a human and an animal, staring straight at you with both human and animal eyes. Curious? Let’s dive in!

Flóra is a fine art photographer from Hungary, based in Budapest. Her series Animeyed became popular across the globe a few years ago, especially one her photos with a cat that went viral. Interestingly enough, it all started as a happy accident. She took a selfie with her dog and realized that one of its eyes was perfectly aligned with one of hers. And the idea was born!

Of course, Flóra doesn’t take photos of herself with each animal from the series. I mean, it would be difficult and maybe even cruel taking a photo like this with some of them. Instead, she uses her marvelous compositing skills to bring together photos of animals with the self-portraits that she takes.

Other than being incredibly creative, well-made, and captivating, I’d say that both Flóra’s Animeyed series carry a message. They remind me that we share this planet with lots of wonderful creatures. Blurring the line between humans and animals in these images makes me remember that we are also animals of a kind. And the animal eyes staring at my soul from Flóra’s photos make me wonder – how do these animals see us? These were some of the thoughts that came to my mind while looking at Flóra’s images. I sure enjoyed her creative images and how they made me think.

Enjoy more of Flóra’s photos below, and make sure to check out her work on her website, Behance, and Instagram. If you-d like to buy a print of Flóra’s work, you can do it here.

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