The sound of Canon R3’s 30fps at 1/64000 shutter will blow your mind

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The Canon EOS R3 was announced a few days ago, and its specs are quite impressive. One of the interesting features is the up to 30fps continuous shooting with the electronic shutter, and Geng Hui Tan shares how it sounds in this short video. Spoiler alert: it sounds epic!

“With a maximum shutter speed of 1/64,000s and continuous shooting at 30 fps (electronic shutter), this feature would be most welcome by sports, action, wildlife and press photographers,” Geng Hui writes. His video is pretty short and straightforward, showing you the camera in action and how this feature sounds. It’s so fast that it doesn’t even sound like clicking, it’s more like buzzing. Pretty cool!

If you’d also like to have this feature represented visually, Atiba Jefferson has a video for you. He created it from photos taken with the EOS R3 at 30 fps.

Even though photography is a visual art, I love how we can add the sound dimension to it through the sound of tools we use to take photos. And while I’m definitely more of a visual than auditory type, I find these shutter sound videos very amusing. In case you’re like me, I’ll leave you the links to more videos like this. Although, none of the shutter sounds below beats the EOS R3… For now.

[via Canon Watch]

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