This Kodak Memory grey scale printer fits in the palm of your hand

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The holiday season is rapidly approaching and it will soon be time to start that desperate search for gifts. For those of you with millennials in your life, you might want to check out this little handheld bundle of nostalgia. The Kodak Memory is a tiny greyscale printer made to look like an old 35mm film roll. In fact, the photos come out of it in such a way that they emulate the look of the film exiting the roll. Cute!

The printer comes in either a classic Kodak yellow and grey or a simple white and grey monochrome if yellow isn’t quite your thing. It will link to any device wirelessly through an app so you can print on the go. The accessory charges via USB connection and once the thermal paper roll is finished, simply press the OPEN button to perform the quick swap.

This is perfect for those people who want to print out their memories themselves from their smart phone camera roll, but don’t wish to have the clutter and expense of buying a huge printer. The printer itself is designed by Minsu Kim, Yeonju Do and Sunjin Baek, and its conceptual quirky design will ensure that it can be proudly displayed rather than hidden away in a makeshift office.

As yet there is no information on price or where to buy the printer.

[Via Yanko Design]

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