Infinite Skin is a new retouching plugin for Photoshop designed specifically for skin

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Infinite Tools has released its new Infinite Skin plugin for Photoshop. It’s designed to help realistically soften skin tone while retaining the detail you actually want to keep. It doesn’t want to replace the retouching process, but help to give you a better initial starting point for your more in-depth retouching needs.

It has obvious advantages for photographers that shoot large amounts of imagery with a fast turnaround, such as weddings, portraits, boudoir, etc. It lets you work quickly through a whole bunch of images without ruining the detail you want to remain in the skin.

Although this doesn’t replace true retouching, but simply provides it with a helping hand, if you have a lot of images you need to work on, even saving just a few minutes per image can add up real quick, especially when you’ve got a few hundred you might need to sift through from something like a wedding.

Infinite Skin helps to do this by automatically detecting faces in your image and automating the frequency separation process. Based on the resolution of the image and the faces it detects, it’ll optimise the radius and settings for the frequency separation to give you the maximum possible control. Then a couple of sliders control the basic process for smoothing vs detail retention.

There are three predefined settings included for light, medium and strong while you’re still figuring out exactly what the sliders do. It also features highlight retention by automatically applying blend modes and there are also masking options.

The Infinite Skin plugin for Photoshop 2021 is available to buy now for $59. As part of the launch, you can get a 25% discount if you enter the code “VIP” on checkout, bringing it down to $44.25.

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