Can you take decent headshots while your model is eating hot wings?

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If you like spicy food, have you ever thought of bringing it together with photography? Well, Rafal Wegiel did. In this fun video, he took some headshots while his models were eating hot wings, exploring whether it’s possible to take good photos despite the funny faces.

Rafal is a big fan of facial expressions in photos. While they’re not the most important part of headshots, they still give something special to them. So, he decided to capture some expressions that are out of the ordinary, to say the least.

This project was inspired by the show Hot Ones, where celebrities have to perform different tasks while eating extremely spicy food. Rafal even reached out to Hot Ones and got a bottle of Apollo, one of the hottest sauces they have on the show. This gave him a total of seven hot sauces for his shoot, which he lined up in front of his models.

The goal of the shoot was to have fun, but also to explore how difficult it is to control your facial expressions. As it turned out: it’s extremely difficult. The instinct completely takes over the body: the models were trying hard to stay in control, but it was impossible. Still, Rafal managed to take some fun headshots after all!

This is not the type of shoot you’d do for business or corporate headshots, but it’s a fun experiment. It’s very important to note, though, that the models had prior experience with hot sauces and they knew what they were getting into. This is not something everyone can handle, so please don’t take this challenge lightly if you decide to test it yourself. You can also try something like this with very sour foods like kumquat or lemon. I’m sure you’ll end up with some hilarious shots, only without the pain.

[Shooting Headshots while eating HOT WINGS. | Rafal Wegiel]

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