Godox expands its high-end LED range with 200W and 300W daylight and bi-colour LED lights

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Teased last October and released in November, the Godox M600D marked a new era for Godox and a new level of quality over their typically lower-end LED lights. Now, Godox has expanded the range by adding four new lights, the M200D, M200BI, M300D and M300BI. As the names suggest, the lights come in 200W and 300W powers in either daylight only or bi-colour flavours.

It’s obvious from the prices that these aren’t your typical Godox LED lights, which usually run in the low-to-mid hundreds of dollars. These are designed for more serious productions, with the promise of being completely flicker-free at all power levels with features like DMX, Bluetooth and 2.4Ghz remote control as well as external control units with V-Mount battery compatibility for use on location.

The four lights are essentially identical, with the only real differences between them being the power output and their bi-colour vs daylight capabilities. There are some slight differences in the weight of the lights themselves, but other than that they’re all pretty close. They all offer four different dimming curves with flicker-free output throughout the whole power range from 0-100%. They all use an external controller that takes a 48V input or you can use 14.8v v-mount batteries to power it on location.

The daylight version comes with 12 different lighting effects of 4 different types while the bi-colour version offers 21 different effects of 7 different types. They both offer DMX512, 2.4Ghz and Bluetooth wireless control, or you can use the external controller plugged into the unit to adjust them. Both the daylight and bicolour versions offer a CRI >96 and a TLCI >97.

  M200D M200BI M300D M300BI

Power 230W (Max) 230W (Max) 330W (Max) 330W (Max)

Head Input 48V 4.7A 48V 4.6A 48V 7A 48V 7A

Controller AC Input 100-240V ~ 50/60Hz
Controller Power Input DC 48V
V-Mount Specs 14.8V, 150Wh/26V, 270Wh
Channels 32 (1-32)
Groups 16 Groups (0-9, A-F)
ID 1-99, OFF
Color Temp 5600K 2800-6500K 5600K 2800-6500K

CRI >96
TLCI >97
Working Temp -20 to 40°C
FX Light Effect 12 kinds within 4 types 21 kinds within 7 types 12 kinds within 4 types 21 kinds within 7 types

Controlling Method Support DMX512, 2.4G Wireless Control, Bluetooth Control, Controller
Dimming Curve 4 types: linear/S-curve/exponential/logarithmic
Mute Mode Yes
2.4G Wireless Control Distance ~60m
Bluetooth Transmission Distance ~30m
Display Screen 2.4 inches
Light Body Dimension 425.1 x 232.3 x 141.2mm 425.3 x 232.3 x 141.7mm 425.1 x 232.3 x 141.2mm 425.3 x 232.3 x 141.7mm

Light Body Weight ~3.34kg ~3.2kg ~3.34kg ~3.5kg

Controller Weight ~2.74kg ~2.7kg ~2.74kg ~2.7kg

Bluetooth Transmission Frequency 2402.00-2480.00MHz
Maximum Transmit Power 5dbm

As is typical these days, although not always with Godox, the four new models all utilise the Bowens modifier mount. So, they’re compatible with a wide range of modifiers and accessories, including softboxes, lanterns, Fresnels, beauty dishes and other modifiers. Each light comes packed inside its own case complete with the light itself, the controller and clamp, the RFT-19 Bowens mount reflector, and all of the cables to connect everything up to each other (and to the wall).

As I mentioned earlier, when it comes to prices, these aren’t your typical Godox light prices. If you’re on a Godox SL budget, these might require a little saving up for. But they’re all available to pre-order now. The Godox M200D is $699, the M200BI is $789, the M300D is $899 and the M300BI is $989. For reference, the Godox M600D is available to buy now $1,499.

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