Photography News: Nikon Lens Firmware, Sony Sales

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I’m writing today’s “Photography News” under unusual circumstances. At the moment, I am moving at around 900 km per hour, it’s freezing outside the window, and in front of me – somewhere in the distance beyond Atlantic – lies South America. In about six hours, I will step off the plane surrounded by snow-capped volcanoes, hear the first hummingbird calls in a year, smell the scent of the Andes, and embark on an adventure with my companions. One of my companions is, of course, a camera with a brand new lens. This trip is sure to yield more than just a few photos for my upcoming articles. Be prepared for another flood of color.

Mountain velvet-breast
NIKON D850 + Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR @ 300mm, ISO 3200, 1/640, f/6.3

Recent Announcements

  • New Nikon firmware changes the behavior of three lenses: The 50mm f/1.2, 24-70mm f/2.8, and 105mm f/2.8 Z-series lenses can now use “linear” manual focus. In other words, the lenses will behave similarly to good ol’ manual lenses, where the change in focus doesn’t depend on the speed you rotate the focusing ring.
  • RED V-Raptor XL: With a sensor resolution of 35.4 MP (40.96 x 21.6 mm), the new RED flagship camera promises a dynamic range of 17 stops, up to 120 fps at 8K video, and many other features for professionals who won’t regret spending $39,500.
  • Leica Q2 Reporter: Kevlar armoring and matte green scratch-resistant finish make this a $6000 tool for reporters in dangerous areas, or (perhaps more likely) collectors.
  • New firmware for Canon R3: After a couple of weeks, there is again a new firmware for R3, this time in version 1.2.1. The features of the previous version remain, while the bugs have (hopefully) been removed.

The Rumor Mill

Pentax to update its 100mm f/2.8 macro lens

The new optical design, along with HD coating on some of the optical elements, should provide this upcoming Pentax macro lens with better image quality and less purple fringing. At least, that’s what we can conclude from the few bits of information and images that have recently leaked. The external features look almost identical to the previous model, which is still retailing for $547. Most likely, the lens will be officially introduced within the year.

Via: Pentax Rumors

New tilt-shift lenses for Fujifilm GFX

Fujifilm GFX users will have to wait until next year to see this, but the joy should be doubled from what was originally expected. According to the Fujifilm lens road-map, only one tilt shift lens was to be introduced. But now it looks like there may be two – the Fujinon GF21mmF4 TS and Fujinon GF30mmF4 TS. Let’s be surprised.

Via: Fuji Rumors

Vloggers will get another tool to record their thoughts

Recently, Nikon introduced the Z30, and of course Canon didn’t want to be left behind. Canon is rumored to introduce a small and compact camera later this year, which should be similar in design to the Canon EOS M6 Mark II. It is speculated that it will be capable of 4K at 60fps, maybe even 120fps. Nothing to do but use the new gear to capture interesting videos.

Via: Canon Rumors

New lens utility app to fine-tune Tamron lenses

Tamron has announced the development of a new app that should allow users of smartphones running the Android operating system to fine-tune a lens to their liking. The app is expected to be available before the end of 2022. Like the PC version of the app, it will be able to tweak the custom switch or focus set button, and also the focus ring.

Via: Sony Addict

Photo Contest Corner

2022 American Meteorological Society Weather Band Photo Contest

  • Topic: Weather, water, and climate
  • Fees: Free
  • Prize: 1st: $500, 2nd: $300, 3rd: $200
  • Deadline: August 15

GCPL Photo Annual 2022

  • Topic: Jumping through Time (fictional narratives, emotional landscapes, literal translations and more)
  • Fees: Free
  • Prize: GCPL Exhibition, exhibition guide and virtual exhibition
  • Deadline: August 15

KAAF Photo Contest

  • Topic: Street photography, social documentary and creative photo
  • Fees: Free
  • Prize: 3 milion Tomans for the section winner
  • Deadline: August 16

Good Deals and New Sales

At the beginning of August, B&H Photo started new deals on selected Sony products. For example, you can now purchase the high resolution Sony a7R IVA model with Instant Savings of $500.00, for a final price of $2,998.00. The versatile Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS lens costs $300.00 less (for $1,098). Many memory cards are now also at interesting prices. Check it out to see if you can find something that fits your needs from the Sony Specials.

Other Pages of Interest

  • Canon anticipates that the camera market has bottomed out and that growth can be expected in the coming years. At least, that’s what can be read from the Q&A that was part of Canon’s recent Q2 2022 financial results. The market, which started to sink sometime more than a decade ago due to the massive emergence of smartphones, is expected to be kept above water mainly by the professional and advanced amateur segment. Canon also said they are going to continue supplying DSLRs as long as there is demand (though this isn’t the same as developing new DSLRs). For more detailed information, check the Canonwatch site.
  • Speaking of the business side of photography, the mirrorless camera market in Japan has some interesting developments. There, Sony has recently dethroned Canon as the leading brand. Interestingly, OM Digital (Olympus for those who haven’t yet gotten used to the change) was third in Japan. I consider this welcome news, as it deserves a bit of fame for its products. Globally, OM Digital is not nearly as strong.
  • And now something completely different. As a boy, I loved the movie Top Gun with Tom Cruise. Recently, its sequel came out. In the time that separates the two movies, Cruise has aged somewhat, fighter jets have modernized, and so has the technology the filmmakers used to capture them. Let’s finish up today’s Photography News with a look behind-the-scenes from the production to find out what kind of gear the filmmakers used.

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