The Maxima 6 GaN is a 69,000 Lumen waterproof LED that takes Profoto modifiers

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Maxima has announced the new Maxima 6 GaN (buy here), what they say is the world’s LED lamp driven by gallium nitride. It provides what Maxima describes as an unprecedented lux-to-weight ratio. It offers a maximum output of 69,000 lux in a unit weighing only 4kg.

They say it also provides “best in class efficiency and CRI colour rendition”, with an extended CRI of 98.3 and a TLCI of 99. Despite its high light output, it only draws up to 450W in regular mode, 300W in silent mode and 600W in boost mode.

Maxima 6 GaN – Why Gallium Nitride?

Typical COB LED fixtures are constructed using chips made from gallium arsenide (GaAs) or gallium phosphide (GaP). This outputs light towards the red end of the spectrum which is then encapsulated with phosphors to make it white.

Gallium Nitride offers some significant advantages over previous methods, however. They provide wider colour spectrum coverage across the visible light range, as well as increased colour accuracy. They also don’t need phosphors in the encapsulation layer to produce white light. However, they can still use them for colour control.

This generally means that they’re much more efficient than traditional GaAs or GaP LEDs. It allows them to put out a lot more light for the amount of power put in. This 600W fixture can put out more light than a traditional 700W COB LED unit. They also have a longer lifespan than traditional LEDs because they can more easily dissipate heat.

Maxima 6 uses a groundbreaking technology applied to professional lighting: Gallium Nitride circuitry working in tandem with our patented UltraCore™ heat management system to provide the world’s highest lux-to-weight ratio, translating in a much more efficient workflow both on location and in studio. Less weight, small size and no ballast while still maintaining inaudible noise levels and a flicker-free performance up to 200.000 fps make even the most difficult shot a matter of minutes instead of a fight against cables, heavy tripods and impossible lighting positions.


Flicker-free is a common feature of LED lights these days, although most don’t have such high frequencies that they can handle 200,000 frames per second. I wouldn’t be surprised if we start to see these being used by the Slow Mo Guys at some point.

Native Profoto Mount – Adaptable to Bowens & ARRI

The Maxima 6 GaN sports a native Profoto modifier mount, allowing you to use all of your existing Profoto modifiers. You’re also able to use ARRI SQLM and the very wide range of Profoto modifiers on the market with the use of mount adaptors.

A new hyperbolic aspherical lens has been incorporated into the Maxima 6 GaN. It’s the first Maxima LED to do so. Maxima says that this concentrates the light into a “hyperbolic bent shape”, to provide an even larger luminous output and better coverage inside modifiers. The lens can, however, be detached by simply unscrewing it if needed.

Maxima 6 GaN Specifications

Light source 600W Full-Spectrum GaN COB LED
Output 69,000 lumens
CRI 98.3
Cooling Patented UltraCore full copper, 54 forged fins
Modifiers Native Profoto, Bowens and ARRI QLM with adapters
Processor 32-Bit ARM Cortex-M7
Noise level 19dBa (silent) / 24dBa (regular) / 297 dBa (boost)
AC Voltage 90-250v, 50-60Hz
DC Voltage 0 to 600W with 35V/75V external power station
0 to 300W with Maxima Battery Box
Power consumption 0 to 350W max (silent) / 10 to 450W max (regular) / 450 to 600W max (Boost)
Remote control Bluetooth 4.2 via mobile app, Priprietary 2.4Ghz radio, USB 3.0 wired, DMX512 In/Out XLR 3-pin.
Dimensions (without Fresnel) 350x200x173mm (without yoke mount)
Weight (without Fresnel) 4kg (bare lamp)

Price and Availability

The Maxima 6 GaN is available to buy now starting at €2,999 (~$3,370) from the Maxima online site.

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