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Adobe’s has announced some new features and tools to help both its enterprise and individual customers. The features include an updated comparison viewer and enterprise customers can now link directly to AWS S3 cloud storage.

New hardware compatibility has also been announced. This includes the recently announced Fujifilm GFX100 II (buy here), Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra (buy here) and Accsoon SeeMo and SeeMo Pro (buy here).

New Comparison Viewer

Let’s deal with this one first as it affects the most people. The new comparison viewer has been designed to enhance and improve the review and approval process for optimum efficiency. Previously, it was limited in the types of assets it could handle. This has now been expanded to include many new types of content.

It now supports a very wide range of assets, including video, audio, photos, design files and PDF files. It lets you see side-by-side comparisons of two different asset types. This is great if you want to compare video to photos for colour matching.

It also now features commenting and annotation capabilities. This lets users more easily communicate with each other when working in a group setting for a more collaborative environment. Ultimately making for a more efficient approval process workflow.

Atomos, Fujifilm, and Accsoon additions

The new update to also includes support for new hardware for its Camera to Cloud (C2C) capabilities. As mentioned at the top of this post, this includes the new Fujifilm GFX100 II, Atomos Ninja and Ninja Ultra and Accsoon SeeMo and SeeMo Pro.


Atomos has introduced two new C2C-compatible devices, the Ninja and Ninja Ultra (buy here). When used with an Atomos CONNECT module, these devices allow capture and automatically uploading high-quality 10-bit 4K H.265 assets to right after each take. Particularly notable is the Ninja Ultra’s dual-record feature. This offers both ProRes RAW and HD proxy C2C capabilities for more advanced online and offline workflows.


Fujifilm enters the fray with its medium-format mirrorless camera, the GFX100 II (buy here). The new camera allows photographers and filmmakers teams to capture 102MP RAW photos and up to 10-bit 8K video clips. The GFX100 II integrates natively with This means you can upload assets directly to with no additional hardware requirements.

Side note: apparently, it’s “GFX100 the Second” and not “GFX100 Mark 2”


Newcomer Accsoon brings in its SeeMo and SeeMo Pro devices (buy here), aimed at turning iPhones and iPads into professional video monitoring tools. The SeeMo is ideal for mirrorless cameras and attaches via HDMI. The more heavy-duty SeeMo Pro has both HDMI and SDI connectivity, making it suitable for ENG and mid-range cine cameras. With these devices, users can monitor, record, and upload lightweight HD H.264 video clips to directly from their connected iPhone or iPad.

Scaling with AWS S3 Support for Enterprises is introducing a new feature specifically tailored for enterprise customers called Storage Connect. This feature aims to accelerate collaboration while also cutting storage costs for businesses that require scalable solutions.

One of the key aspects of Storage Connect is that it allows direct connection to Amazon Web Services’ Simple Storage Service (AWS S3). By enabling this direct linkage, allows enterprise customers to use the storage they already own, rather than forcing them to migrate to a new or different storage service.

Businesses maintain full control of their assets, reinforcing data security and compliance measures. With lightweight proxies available in, teams can streamline their workflow without compromising on the quality or accessibility of their assets. Storage Connect will become available later this year for Enterprise customers.

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