Canon brings a quality pan tilt zoom to everyone

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Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras seem to be the buzzword at IBC 2023, and Canon is firmly playing a part in the game with its CR-N100. DIYP spoke to Matt Koshy from Canon to find out more about these powerful little cameras and why you might want one.

So firstly, who might actually want to use one of these cameras? The higher-end PTZ cameras are aimed at broadcasting. This latest offering is firmly aimed at the corporate, higher education and houses of worship sectors.

This camera may be lower end in price, but the camera shoots 4k and has the sort of autofocus and tracking that you would expect from Canon.

Why choose a PTZ camera?

So the burning question then, is why do you need a PTZ camera at all? Won’t a regular camera work? Matt explains that you can rig up a network of these cameras around a large space, and they can be controlled with a single console by one person.

They are specifically designed to work remotely from larger distances and have 20 times optical zoom, so they are perfect for large churches, theatres, stadiums, and lecture halls. The addition of the follow focus makes these cameras easy to use.

Matt explains that the sensor sizes are now around an inch in size on PTZ cameras, so you are able to get close to cinema-quality footage with the flexibility of remote operation. The cameras are also live-streaming compatible straight out of the box.


In terms of connectivity, the cameras are built with HDMI and USB-C inputs and can be powered via ethernet.

The Canon CR-N100 will be available from October 2023 at $1999.

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